Concert en hommage à Elliott Smith (avec Jason Lytle)


Assorted links – 3-9 May

WSJ – CMO today – 3 May

Content marketing: definition and status – marketing or reporting?

Definition: For many companies starting these sorts of properties, the idea is t “contribute to” a given topic in the hopes of building up their brand or perhaps driving sales back to their core business.

Examples:SLEEPY TIME: “Content marketing” is a fairly common buzzword on Madison Avenue, as companies are increasingly putting forward their own articles and online content to try and skip over having to pay for an ad. Now, CMO Today reports that more startups are building out media properties of their own. Men’s grooming company Dollar Shave Club has made a series of editorial hires for a yet-to-be-announced men’s lifestyle destination. And mattress company Casper is building a new Web publication based on sleep. Indeed, Casper, which has hired a handful of experienced editors for the project, says it wants to “own the conversation” surrounding sleep.

Question: we’ll have to leave it up to the journalism professors as to whether the end result is marketing or reporting.

Assorted links – Silk Road, Roberto Baggio and Baltimore

The Rise and fall of Silk Road in Wired – Vivement la suite !

Toto et Cristiano auraient aussi voulu être Baggio : le titre n’est pas à la hauteur de ce beau billet, portrait de Baggio en Argentin.

Il y eut un poème par Giovanni Raboni, une chanson par Lúcio Dalla, un opéra Orfeo Baggio et puis cette gueulante de Lippi sur Vieri et Panucci lors d’un entraînement de l’Inter, alors que les deux joueurs n’avaient pu s’empêcher de s’arrêter pour applaudir un centre de Baggio : « Mais vous faites quoi, putain ? Vous vous croyez au théâtre ? On n’est pas là pour se faire des compliments, on est là pour travailler ! »

From Ferguson to Baltimore, the consequences of government-sponsored segregation in the Washington Post